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KAZ-723 / 723A
High response F/V converter

KAZ-723/723A offers unique solution to motion analysis, dynamic characteristics studies, and speed performance curve checking on real time. After receiving mechanical actions (detected frequencies) from rotary encoder, optical sensor or gear speed sensor, it converts mechanical action (detected frequency) into analog voltage on the basis of PERIOMATICTM process.
It has an ideal response time of 5micros for input frequencies in the range of 0.04Hz to 200kHz with a resolution of 6.25ns. Besides F/V conversion it measures precisely the angular velocity, a widely used function, of the rotating body.

TDP-3921-R Periomatic Tachometer

The TDP-3921-R tachometer, used in almost every Japanese automotive industry, has unique functions. It offers two channels photo MOS relays output and RS-232C high-speed communication. Above all, it has unique optional functions like BCD and analog output with an ideal response time of 1ms. Its measurement range is from 0.0006Hz to 100kHz with a programmable display to read out in terms of wide range of units like rpm, rps, Hz, km/h, l/min, g/h, etc.


CNT-723 Pulse counter with high-speed analog output

The CNT-723, a pulse counter, gives analog output voltage proportional to the angle of rotary encoder or position of a linear scale at high speeds. The CNT-723 is used to measure the rotation angle of power trains like motor, controller, tire, and engine etc.


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